Published Only in China

The Personal Guide to Effective Etiquette in Today’s Global Business World

Written by veteran global businesswoman and author Eden Collinsworth, this book will be a valuable read for many in China who are considering living, studying or working abroad; for executives tasked with leading their companies into new international markets; and for those who find the subject of cross-cultural learning an interesting and invigorating one against the backdrop of our ever-shirking world.



“With the growing status of China as a world economy, Eden Collinsworth’s book has come at precisely the right time. She has written an enormously helpful guide for Chinese on Western-style business etiquette and communications practices which respects China’s own cultural values and views.”
— Maria Livanos Cattaui, former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce

“Eden Collinsworth’s book is a must-read for Chinese young people who must learn etiquette in order to become fully-equipped global citizens.”
— Mei Yan, MTV’s Managing Director and Chief Representative Greater China

“Collinsworth’s book enables its readers to become successful and effective communicators. Because more and more Chinese companies are exploring business opportunities outside of China and more Chinese people do business in western countries, this book is a must-read.”
— Julia Huang, CEO and Chairman, ChinaEdu Corporation

“Eden Collinsworth has compiled an invaluable and long overdue guide to international politesse. Her advice is sound, practical and easy to follow. Whether you are a first time traveler or a seasoned veteran, Collinsworth covers every aspect of social and business interaction today’s international business traveler is likely to encounter. It is an invaluable guide to creating and maintaining favorable relations in today’s fast-moving global economy. Don’t be without it.”
— Gilbert C. Maurer, Business Consultant and former COO, Hearst Corporation

“The program Eden Collinsworth has developed is of enormous value for organizations wishing to increase cultural understanding.
— Lynne Anne S. Davis, President and Senior Partner, Asia PacificFleishman-Hillard | Digital. Integrated. Global

“One’s achievements are the greatest measure of success. In order to obtain such achievements, one’s reputation is paramount. Eden’s book gives us many trade secrets which, though seemingly easy, are nonetheless difficult to master.”
— Yuan Yue, Founder and Chairman of Horizon Research Consultancy Group and the Horizon Center of Youth Entrepreneurship for Society

“More than ever, what is needed between East and West is anunderstanding of each other’s thinking and behaving. WithChina in the fast process of globalization, Eden Collinsworth’s book is a must-read.”
— Qin Li, Emmy Award Winner, Founder & Chairwoman of Indepth Media Group